About Michel De Caso
creator of the Rectoversion® and founder
of the contemporary artistic movement
"rectoversion, from the year 10 to 10.000"

Michel De Caso was born in 1956 in Toulouse (France). He lived in Paris and its area during a score of years, of 1980 to 2000. It is there that he made his artistic formation. Since 2000, he lives in AUDE, near Carcassonne, in Villeneuve-Les-Montreal. He is the discoverer and theoretician of the artistic concept "Rectoversion", that he created and developed since 1991.

The name "Rectoversion" is built on the words "recto" (front) and "version". It is based on a French neologism which literally means "rotation of the front side (recto)" and corresponds to the visual artistic process that Michel De Caso followed to result in "Rectoversion".

A "rectoversé" painting is painted on its two sides which are first of all perforated right through. This artistic proposition asks numerous artistic and philosophic questions totally connected to our time. It notably calls into question the notion of the painting as "opened window" stemming especially from the Renaissance. Some artists take an interest in "Rectoversion" concept.

They group together recently around Michel De Caso into the movement "rectoversion, from the year 10 to 10.000". All artists of this movement feel affinities with "Rectoversion" but each brings it his own sensibility, creativity and differences."Rectoversion" does not function on the fusional and identity-based mode but opens towards another multiple and contradictory sphere.

There were some rare double-sided paintings during the history of art but the questioning of the front (recto), back (verso) and their reciprocal relationship was never pushed as far as in "Rectoversion".

In the Aude region, the first exhibition of De Caso takes place in August 2001 in the "Maison Gibert" of Lézignan Corbières while in April-May 2003, an exhibition of his "rectoversed" painting is presented in the romanesque abbey of Caunes-Minervois. It is in parallel with this exhibition that he also gives a conference on Rectoversion to the abbey Palate.

On September 20, 2003 in Carcassonne, with the artist Michel Olivier, he realizes the first performance of a "rectoversed" painting carried out in public by two painters. In September 2006, the two artists realize again a “rectoversed" painting at the Exhibition Contemporary Painting "Expressions de l’Art Actuel" ("House of Gascogne", Auch - guest of honor Michel De Caso).

column by Alain Coudert, art critic


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