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All the "rectoversion" websites concern the international legislation on the copyright and the intellectual property. Texts and images of these sites are not of the public domain and are protected by the law of March 11, 1957 on the artistic property. Any reproduction, whatever shape it is, even digital, is forbidden without the preliminary and written authorization of Michel De Caso and ADAP. Important remark : one is reminded that the word "Rectoversion" is a neologism created by Michel De Caso in 1991 to name the concept to which he had led. The concept of "Rectoversion" is lodged officially with the I.N.P.I. For this reason, its use is protected. Any use of the word "Rectoversion" and its derivatives ("to rectoverse", "rectoversed", etc...) thus supposes the preliminary written agreement of Michel De Caso.

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